Artistic Pavers

What looks like natural stone pavers but acts like a modern material in terms of maintenance, ease of installation, and cost? The answer is Artistic Pavers and we can easily integrate this affordable, flexible material into your pool decking so that no one but you will be able to guess it's not natural quarried stone!

Artistic Pavers are manufactured from natural materials so you can expect the lovely shade variations in the individual pieces just as you would with regular stone, yet it is quicker to install because of the way it is set into the pool deck. The beauty of your custom pool design will be enhanced by choices in Artistic Pavers such as stone or shell textures, or pavers with a tumbled or coral based look.

Reasons to consider Artistic Pavers:

  • Flexing between pavers will ensure against cracks.
  • Cooler on your feet than most other pool decks.
  • Smooth enough to walk on but not slippery when wet.
  • Do not require sealing to discourage growth of mildew or algae.
  • Will not be damaged by saltwater pool systems.
  • Tested to withstand extreme freeze-thaw cycles.

Contact us today if you are inspired to build your dream pool. We love to integrate Artistic Pavers into our custom pool designs in Ormond Beach, St. Augustine, and Palm Coast.

Artistic Pavers Gallery

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