Technology has come a long way in the pool industry and Raszl will build or retrofit your pool and spa to be partially or completely automated so that you have more time to enjoy it. Work intensive tasks such as sanitizing, balancing pH, cleaning, and filtering can be taken care of by an automated pool system. Go beyond the basics and set up automation for lighting, water features, fire pit, and more. If you automate essential pool functions, you can save up to 75 percent of your pool's energy costs.

Pool and spa automation is affordable: entry level systems such as automated speed pumps can take a big chunk out of your energy costs each year. Or take it to the next step with full chemistry automation: clear balanced water all the time automatically with a pool that self adjusts and tests its own levels, keeping itself sanitary and sparkling so you don't have to.

What can be controlled with a pool automation system?

  • Pumps, filters, heaters
  • Cleaners, chlorinators
  • UV systems
  • Jets, blowers, valves
  • Solar heaters
  • Outdoor, landscape, and LED lighting
  • Music, water features
  • Fire pits and fire bowls
  • Misters, foggers, sprinklers
  • Pool covers and pond pumps

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