Fire Bowls and Fire Pits

Our fire pits and fire bowls enhance your pool design with their beauty, shape, and function. You can choose from handmade copper or concrete and then have your fire bowl or fire pit built to be manually operated or automated with proven technology. A blazing or softly burning fire provides light, warmth, and a design detail that takes a simple pool to the upper level of sophistication. Fire bowls look especially nice in pairs and a large fire pit invites guests to gather around it for quality time spent together.

Raszl Pools can install a fire bowl or fire pit that runs on either natural gas or propane, or a wood burning unit that you can stoke yourself. Our fire pits and fire bowls are safety approved and come with a one year manufacturer's warranty. The units we install are weatherized and can be hooked up to our pool automation systems. Contact us today to begin designing your dream pool in Palm Coast or Ormond Beach, and remember this is one of the few times you will probably find that fire and water mix very well.

Fire Pits Gallery

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