Salt Chlorination Systems

Why does Raszl provide only saltwater (salinated) pool chlorination systems? This method of pool sanitation is quickly becoming the most popular in Florida for a variety of reasons. Many people will tell you that salt chlorinated pools simply feel better on the skin - the water is softer and less toxic because a salinated pool system produces much less chlorine and it does so with a salt chlorine generator as opposed to adding harsh chemicals directly to the water.

Salt pools do not cause the redness or stinging that typical chlorine pools are known for. In general salt water pools require less manual maintenance and are usually clearer. Swimming outfits, accessories, and toys will not fade and break down as quickly, and blonde hair will not turn green like it has a tendency to do in traditional chlorine. Best of all, salt chlorination systems cost much less to run!

Believe it or not, it only takes one teaspoon of salt per gallon of water to sanitize your entire pool. Salt does not wear out or evaporate so it is constantly renewing itself. Salt generated chlorine is evenly distributed throughout your swimming pool and spa in the most energy efficient way possible. Salinated pools are ideal for all types of pools up to 40,000 gallons.

How does it work? We utilize the Aqua Rite chlorine generator with a specially-designed converter called the Turbo Cell. An extremely safe low-voltage electrical charge emitted as the water flows through the Turbo Cell turns the salt into fresh, sanitizing chlorine. The return jets then distribute the perfectly sanitized water throughout the pool.

Our salt chlorination systems also come with the option of a sensor that will automatically adjust the balance of the water so you don't have to. Pool automation means more time spent enjoying your pool with your family and friends, and less time maintaining it. Contact Raszl about building a saltwater pool in Palm Coast, Ormond Beach, or St. Augustine and enjoy the benefits of this environmentally friendly and cost effective way to keep your pool clear and clean.

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